Acupuncture: How it works, uses, benefits, and risks

Cauda equina syndrome: The cauda equine is a bundle of spinal nerve roots that stand up from the decrease cease of the spinal wire. Symptoms encompass a stupid pain inside the decrease again and upper buttocks, as well as numbness in the buttocks, genitalia, and thighs. There are once in a while bowel and bladder function disturbances.

Cancer of the spine: A tumor on the backbone might also press towards a nerve, resulting in lower back pain.

Infection of the backbone: A fever and a gentle, warm place on the again might be due to an infection of the backbone.

Other infections: Pelvic inflammatory disorder, bladder, or kidney infections might also cause returned pain.

Sleep problems: Individuals with sleep issues are much more likely to revel in again ache, in comparison with others.

Shingles: An infection that may have an effect on the nerves may cause back pain. This relies upon on which nerves are affected.


Risk elements

The following elements are connected to a higher risk Trusted Source of developing low again ache: How acupuncture works


occupational sports


a sedentary lifestyle

negative bodily fitness

older age

weight problems and excess weight


strenuous physical exercise or paintings, especially if done incorrectly

genetic elements

scientific situations, including arthritis and most cancers

Lower again pain additionally tends to be more commonplace in women Trusted Source than in men, possibly because of hormonal factors. Stress, anxiety, and mood problems have additionally been connected to again ache.



The foremost symptom of returned pain is an pain or ache everywhere within the lower back, and once in a while all the way all the way down to the buttocks and legs.


Some lower back problems can reason pain in other elements of the frame, depending on the nerves affected.


The pain regularly is going away with out remedy, however if it happens with any of the following people need to see their physician:


weight reduction


irritation or swelling on the returned

chronic back ache, where mendacity down or resting does now not assist

ache down the legs

pain that reaches below the knees

a current damage, blow or trauma to the lower back

urinary incontinence

difficulty urinating

fecal incontinence, or lack of manipulate over bowel movements

numbness across the genitals

numbness around the anus

numbness around the buttocks

When to see a health practitioner

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