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At Advanced Flight Theory, we are very happy with our extremely good popularity for offering the very first-class carrier feasible to all of our students. Please touch us when you have any questions regarding enrolment or would love to set up a customized examine application. We also can provide help with your lodging and administrative preparations. You can contact us on 1800 000 767 and we can be very glad to help. You can be assured that no hassle is too massive or too small for us to address with know-how.


What is ATPL(A) Theory? Airline Transport Pilot License Theory. ATPL Online path.

ATPL Theory covers all 14 ATPL subjects and is offered as a complete time course at our academy or as a distance getting to know DL. Your preference of both attending Noir Flight Academy for 20 weeks on a complete time basis, or to study inside the consolation of your property below our professional steering. Whether you pick out to attend our in-house route or examine with us thru Distance Learning to complete your ATPL theoretical training, you can be relaxation confident that you will be offered the maximum professional schooling by means of the maximum skilled teachers.

This path may be finished with in 2 tiers. Each stage covers 325 concept hours within 10 weeks stop 7 subjects. After a hit of completion of each stage the candidate may be launched for ATPL Theory assessments at any EASA member nation Aviation Authority.


Benefits of Noir Flight School’s Flight Training

Flexible Schedule

Affordable Training

Distance Learning Option

Fast Theory Class Schedule

How to examine for ATPL Theory?

There are 14 ATPL subjects and students take instructions of those subjects as distance gaining knowledge of technique.


ATPL Theory Studying Tips and Advices

Our recommendation to you, in terms of getting ready for the assessments, is that don’t plan to use all 6 sessions. It is proper which you have 6 sessions, but making plans to use 6 sessions is a bit risky. If you fail any of the courses within the last consultation, you may need to start the Advanced Flight Theory all all over again and it will become an worrying and laborious state of affairs for you. But this doesn’t imply that; Prepare for 14 lessons in a single consultation and make all exams. This time, you may be overloaded with your self and mix the whole lot collectively.



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