Diving Komodo National Park

If there may be any dive website within the world which ought to be named Manta Point, it’s miles this long mild flow dive wherein as much as 100 manta rays have been spotted at a time. Since it’s miles a cleansing station, Bali Diving these mild giants congregate on this region to get their parasites cleaned off. During certain instances of the yr, you will additionally be capable of witness manta ray mating or maybe manta rays feeding on zoo plankton.

Megafauna cleaning station that means mantas go to here year spherical

The greatest numbers of mantas are seen between December and February

Gentle, easy drift dive for divers of all levels

What you may see:

As you descend, you’ll be met with a coral rubble substrate with live coral scattered on the sea floor. Amongst the coral, you’ll additionally have the hazard to identify bamboo sharks, marble rays, eagle rays, unicorn fish, butterfly fish, octopus, bumphead parrot fish, and the majestic manta rays.

This small island has a lovely fringing reef that is the home to many incredible reef fish, and the frequent reef mantas which swim to and fro along the reef. The dive web page offers blanketed regions which can be suitable for novices, but round the entire moon, the tides cause strong currents. There is a huge shallow phase of the reef which snorkellers can explore.

This dive web page is located in a covered bay, that means the currents are close to non-existent and divers of all ranges can enjoy this dive. The nature of this dive web page means it’s a nursery for many species, and you could revel in your dive surrounded with the aid of infant bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, and even reef sharks.

Great sand diving wherein you may see high-quality macro lifestyles

Dugongs visit this website online so maintain your eyes peeled for these marine mammals

Protected dive website online best for novices or snorkelers

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