How to Help Get Rid of Pigeons

They will discover ways to keep away from the places wherein the spikes are set up. When it is placed alongside horizontal surfaces beneath a roof or towards every other wall, there’s a possibility for birds to apply these to make nests. Therefore, pigeon spikes are first-rate set up on ledges which are open to the sky.


If you are scratching your head over the way to dispose of pigeons to your roof, keep in mind that you need to make it much less attractive to them. You can try this via making their roosting regions untenable with pigeon repellent gel.


Bird-X Bird Proof Repellent Gel is a number of the most famous on the market. This is available in three caulk tubes that each can cowl an area of about 10-12 feet.


Load the caulk tube into your caulk gun and observe without problems in lines or in dots. Birds that land there’ll recognise the surface is very sticky and depart immediately.


This is a non-poisonous petroleum-primarily based gel that remains sticky for weeks in exceptional weather situations. Since it’s a clear gel, it’s slightly major. Use this to keep pigeons off the roof and other places that humans and pets do now not frequent.


Not the pleasant concept to use this to take away pigeons on balcony or on any railings, window sills, or landings that humans touch, because the chicken repellent gel is very sticky and hard to take away.


This is a safe manner to dispose of pigeons without hurting them, however following commands nicely is fundamental. Bird Control Gold Coast Avoid closely smearing a whole surface with the gel as birds can get caught and harm themselves.


6. Install a movement-activated sprinkler

If you want to recognise the way to eradicate pigeons out of your backyard and stop the pigeon poop from dropping rain your lawn, remember the use of a movement-activated sprinkler. An unexpected spray of water is many of the most humane and non-toxic ways to dispose of pigeons.


The Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer is a movement-activated sprinkler designed to help keep your lawn nicely-watered and nicely-included from pests. It uses a combination of water, sound, and motion to scare pigeons and different undesirable guests away.

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