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For very nearly 20 years, Newtowne  newtowne hyperbaric chamber  Hyperbarics has been a forerunner in gentle hyperbaric chamber plan and assembling. Our 100 percent American fabricated machines are reasonable for home or clinical use. Our Class 4 Chamber has gone the distance with thousands being utilized in clinical workplaces and homes all over America.
Our lines of hypoallergenic hyperbaric chambers have a 100 percent security record, permitting you to feel calm while unwinding and permitting the helpful force of the hyperbaric chamber to deal with you. We are the hyperbaric chamber producer that is devoted not exclusively to working on your wellbeing, yet to offering you a helpful method for doing as such. Our chambers are all ready to be situated for top or side section and are operable both inside and remotely, giving you unlimited authority over the use of the gadget. They even accompany the casing and sleeping cushion included (model C4-27 bedding rejected).
The Most Advanced Hyperbaric Chamber Design
Our Class 4 model offers the accommodation of an impenetrable zipper at the passage and is valued for the thrifty shopper or expert. This model is sturdy enough for clinical use and easy to use for the home purchaser. The Class 4 doesn’t utilize belts and clasps to help the section and our custom zipper requires no grease. Accessible in 3 breadths so you can pick the one that fits you best.
Newtowne Hyperbarics started making hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) chambers in 2001. Their parent organization, Typhoon Water Wares Ltd, had been planning and assembling clinical gadgets and strain hardware starting around 1984.
In the year 2001, when Marie Foster and her group were first approached to plan custom gentle hyperbaric oxygen chambers reasonable for home use, they realized they couldn’t just duplicate what was at that point being finished – so they spearheaded another way to deal with chamber creation.
By creating inventive innovations which would ultimately give way to the up and coming age of hyperbaric chambers, following decade, Marie and her group appeared Newtowne Hyperbarics as a method for showcasing their items and make them accessible from one side of the country to the other.
Since Newtowne’s revealing, the organization has consistently constructed a strong standing of delivering the greatest gentle hyperbaric chambers that anyone could hope to find available today – all for a portion of the expense of most significant contenders!
In all honesty, hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been around for almost 350 years!
Be that as it may, as most noteworthy clinical advances, this new treatment wasn’t quickly accessible to the majority. As a matter of fact, it was only after the mid-1800s that hyperbaric treatment was utilized clinically.
Hyperbaric chambers were first tried and executed to assist remote ocean jumpers with recuperating from agonizing decompression disorder.

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