What is DPF Particulate Filter Cleaning

During regeneration, the temperature of the exhaust gas may be regulated exactly. The transmitter informs the engine control unit (ECU) of the exhaust gas temperature. It is subsequently possible to calculate exactly the amount of submit-injection gasoline required to increase the temperature of exhaust gas within the path of the regeneration phase.

In instances of predominantly metropolis use, the temperature of the exhaust gas fails to attain sufficient temperatures to acquire passive regeneration. Consequently, soot debris aren’t eliminated and alternatively acquire in the clear out. dpf cleaning When a clogging threshold is reached (18 grams), the engine’s pc will purpose lively regeneration.

The diploma of carbon accumulation in the DPF is calculated the use of models programmed inside the ECU:

A model based at the cause pressure profile, which calculates saturation consistent with a specific pattern of indicators coming from the temperature transmitters of the exhaust fuel in addition to the oxygen sensor.

A version primarily based at the drift resistance of the DPF, which calculates saturation consistent with alerts reassembled with the aid of the differential strain sensor, temperature transmitters, and air float meter, which then all tell the ECU of the degree of saturation in the DPF.

What is dpf The strain sensor measures the difference in strain a number of the inlet and the hole of the DPF, the difference in pressure corresponding to the diploma of saturation in the filter out. The greater the filter out is clogged, the higher the voltage (in volts) transmitted through the sensor to the ECU. At a selected voltage, orresponding to the quantity of carbon debris (grams), the ECU will spark off forced regeneration of the DPF with the aid of using elevating the temperature of the exhaust fuel to 1020°F/1200°F.

To gain this growth in temperature, the ECU will perform several actions:

Regulating the flow of air thru the digital throttle control (ETC).

Deactivating the EGR valve from recycling exhaust gases so that you can boom the combustion temperature.

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